Heather's Basketry Site
Born in Halifax Nova Scotia I am a seventh generation Canadian.
Trained in Anthropology and Museum Studies at the University of British Columbia.
Fieldwork apprenticeships in Canada, France and United Kingdom in traditional basketry.

I make traditional willow baskets (A sample of my baskets, Photo Credit: Chris Reardon) and historical reproductions for historic collections (17th Century Lobsterpots for Fortress Louisbourg) and feature films (Eel Pots for A Scarlet Letter). I thrill to contemporary challenges (Willow Woman of the Forest ... Photo Credit : Chris Reardon). I also make wattles and panels for gardens (Jardin Botanique de Montreal (Le Pavilion Fuji)... Photo Credit : Architects (Filum Ltd.) (Detail Wattle at Fuji Site) and living fences. (Living willow fence). I teach classes in basketry (Nova Scotia Basketry Guild Class). and have been known to make Irish Coracles at the wooden boat festival in Mahone Bay. (Irish Boyne River Coracle)

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